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What we have been up to
Tue, 04/25/2017
It's my favorite season...thank goodness, otherwise I would loose my mind.  Spring in the landscape industry is pure madness.  It's a everyone needs it now kind of time but in order to provide quality products and services.  These things take time and navigating that path can be confusing.  I try to start early and prepare myself and my customers for what's in store but it's different every year.  This Spring is no different.   The crazy weather we experienced this Fall and Winter allowed us to work full throttle the entire time.  It has me worried about... read more
Drainage work
Wed, 02/01/2017
This dogwood looks good while it is blooming, but it is planted too close to this house.  It requires constant pruning to be kept off the roof and siding and does not have a natural shape.  If it had been planted 10-15 feet further off the house where the empty mulch circle is, it would have a much fuller shape and look more like a specimen tree.
To mulch or not to mulch
Mon, 01/02/2017
One of the most important things in landscaping is keeping plant material happy and healthy.  With the fluctuations in climate, it is hard to provide optimum growing conditions at all times of the year, but when you apply a quality ground bark mulch you will have greater success with all of your plants. Premium ground pine or hardwood bark mulch gives plants a leg up when the first drought hits or when there is the last blast of winter in the beginning of spring.  It is the mulch that keeps a plants roots protected when the temperatures get really cold or really hot and dry.... read more